Choo Ja Hyun and Amber included in leaked “debut list” of Chinese audition show, a manipulation controversy?

The Chinese audition program “Sisters Who Make Waves 2023”, which features Choo Ja Hyun and Amber, has been swept up in a manipulation controversy.

On May 18th (local time), the Taiwanese media ETtoday revealed, “The final debut list and the elimination list by rounds for the Chinese MangoTV entertainment program ‘Sisters Who Make Waves 2023’ (Season 4), which has only aired two episodes, have been disclosed.”

According to ETtoday, the aforementioned “debut list” consists of 11 participants, including  Korean actress Choo Ja Hyun and f(x) member Amber.


On the other hand, “Sisters Who Make Waves 2023” is an audition program that depicts the journey of 33 female celebrities over 30 years old competing in singing and dancing to re-debut as a girl group. Since its first broadcast on May 5th, the show has been gaining high popularity in China. However, it has been engulfed in a crisis due to allegations of manipulation after only two episodes.

Among them, Amber and Choo Ja Hyun received attention from before their appearance, ranking 5th and 11th respectively in the pre-voting. In the first episode, they each reached 2nd and 15th place, securing advantageous positions towards the finals.

Meanwhile, former Miss A members Jia and Fei participated in Season 1 of “Sisters Who Make Waves”, which aired in 2020, and Jessica became a hot topic by placing second in the finale of Season 3.

“Sisters Who Make Waves” has consistently faced manipulation controversies in previous seasons with allegations of having “preset winners”. Therefore, Chinese-speaking viewers are expressing strong suspicions about the leaked list.

Source: ETtoday, Nate

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