HYBE accused of being ‘biased’ towards BTS’s Jungkook

This topic has sparked a lot of controversy not only within BTS fans but also Korean netizens.

A currently trending topic among Korean netizens is the incident of a HYBE employee being caught scrolling through online galleries that are known for consisting of many posts hating on BTS. The situation which occurred during BTS‘s live broadcast, made fans even more angry when they realized that the HYBE staff entered the forum of anti-fans right in front of the members.

HYBE accused of being 'biased' towards BTS’s Jungkook

There are mixed reactions to the incident because many netizens think that the staff’s action could be because they were trying to report malicious comments. However, it is undeniable that what happened has once again raised doubts about the way HYBE manages the employees and how they treat artists, especially a group that has always generated the most profit for the company like BTS.

After the incident on V Live, netizens on the Nate Pann forum recently even raised the question on whether or not HYBE‘s staff are “biased” to one particular BTS’s member. Specifically, in a post titled “HYBE employees seem to like BTS Jungkook a lot”, the writer of the post on Pann pointed out that HYBE almost exclusively focuses on taking legal actions against malicious comments and rumors targeting Jungkook, and also took down all articles and online posts with content that damage Jungkook’s image and reputation.

HYBE accused of being 'biased' towards BTS’s Jungkook

To prove their point, the original poster also shared some pictures of evidence showing that HYBE has repeatedly sent requests to forums and social media platforms, in which they demand to delete negative posts about Jungkook. In fact, there have been rumors in the past that Jungkook‘s akgaes are currently HYBE’s employees. Although this is not yet verified, the suspected “favoritism” has made Korean netizens even more grounded to believe in the above rumor.

HYBE accused of being 'biased' towards BTS’s Jungkook
HYBE accused of being 'biased' towards BTS’s Jungkook

However, not everyone finds HYBE being “biased” towards Jungkook believable. Some fans pointed out that Jungkook is a member who often faces malicious posts and hateful comments more heavily on online platforms and anti-fan groups. Therefore, it is completely understandable that HYBE made many requests to delete posts or constantly took legal actions against negative comments aimed at Jungkook.

 -“Blaming Jungkook yet again ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are you aware that after the staff member was exposed, those hate galleries are filled with even more posts mocking Jungkook ㅋㅋ”

 -“Weren’t there rumors before that the HYBE staff are akgaes of Jungkook?”

 – “It’s true that when it comes to hate posts aimed at Jungkook, Big Hit always takes them down at lightning speed. Look, even on blog tistory, they this fast”

 – “Just go to that gallery of BTS and you will see that the members who get cursed and insulted the most are Jungkook, V, J-Hope and Suga”

 – “Have you tried visiting anti-BTS forums? There are way more posts that need to be deleted than this. And it’s true that hate comments directed at Jungkook are always particularly more severe than the other members.”

 – “Just seeing how HYBE keeps pushing Jungkook after all those scandals broke out is enough to show how biased they are”

HYBE accused of being 'biased' towards BTS’s Jungkook
HYBE accused of being 'biased' towards BTS’s Jungkook

Do you think HYBE is showing favoritism towards Jungkook compared to the rest of BTS?

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