Bi Rain: “I was rejected 5 times by Kim Tae-hee before marriage”

Singer Bi Rain recalled the past when he confessed to his wife Kim Tae-hee but got rejected several times.

Recently, a video titled “The reason for Kim Tae-hee’s marriage seen by Seoul National University alumna Honey Lee” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Netflix Korea”. In the video, Noh Hong-chul, Bi Rain and Honey Lee traveled to Gangwon-do and enjoyed camping there.

Bi Rain rejected by Kim Tae-hee

During the show, Noh Hong-chul was curious about Kim Tae-hee’s ideal type in the past, “Kim Tae-hee might have liked the smart guy before.” Honey Lee said, “No. Kim Tae-hee is really a dynamic person. I met her at the university’s ski club. When skiing, she was always ahead of everyone else.”

Bi Rain rejected by Kim Tae-hee

Honey Lee went on to reveal, “She often went hiking or diving with her friends. I don’t think she drinks. Because Bi Rain doesn’t really like drinking either and he is also the active type, he is the man of Kim Tae-hee’s dreams.” In particular, Honey Lee made Bi Rain both surprised and happy as she shared, “Kim Tae-hee once told me that she had found the love of her life. When she got married.”

After chatting for a while, they began to enjoy the scenery of Gangwon-do on scooters. At the same time, Bi Rain recalled his first meeting with Kim Tae-hee, “We first met while filming an advertisement 10 years ago. Normally, if I want to change socks, I just ask the staff, then the staff will change the socks for me. But Tae-hee changed them herself without bothering the staff. At that time, I thought ‘She is that person’.”

Bi Rain rejected by Kim Tae-hee

Honey Lee asked, “Have you had a thing for her since then?” Upon hearing this, Bi Rain humorously replied, “I approached her but got dumped 5 times. I got dumped so much that I had to put on band-aids as well as disinfectant.”

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-hee and Bi Rain officially tied the knot in 2017 and are now the parents of 2 baby girls.


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