Cardi B Faces Charges After Tossing Mic at a Fan Who Threw a Drink at Her

Cardi B eventually faced charges for tossing her mic at a concert attendee.

According to multiple foreign reports on August 1st, Las Vegas police stated that a person hit by Cardi B’s microphone reported an assault to the police last Sunday.

The police stated, “The victim reported that they were hit by an object thrown by Cardi B. The incident has been documented in a police report, and Cardi B has been listed as the perpetrator.” They also explained that no arrest warrant or summons has been issued yet.

Cardi B Faces Charges After Tossing Mic at a Fan

Earlier on July 29th, Cardi B performed at a club in Las Vegas, singing her hit song ‘Bodak Yellow.’

During the performance, a fan hurled alcohol at Cardi B, prompting her to immediately throw the microphone at that person.

As if she was still angry, Cardi B stopped the performance and stared at the audience who threw alcohol at her. The bodyguards then escorted that audience out of the venue.

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Since it was a public event that gathered many people, fantaken videos capturing the scene when Cardi B threw her microphone quickly spread through social media sites and online communities.

In response, netizens commented, “Cardi B might be a stripper in the past. The act of throwing alcohol at strippers means ‘I don’t like your stage. Go away’”, “I think Cardi B was angry because the audience treated her as a striper at that moment”, etc.

This is not the first time Cardi B was seen tossing her mic. 

Controversy arose when Cardi B threw a mic towards the DJ because the music was cut off earlier than scheduled at another performance in Las Vegas.

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