Top 10 most popular individual fancams in ‘Girls Planet 999’ right now

The individual views of fancam can partly reflect the popularity of the participants in Girls Planet 999. Now let’s check the top 10 competitors with the most views.

Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999” is still highly popular, although many conflicting opinions. The show focuses on 99 female competitors from Korea, China, and Japan who share the same dream of becoming Kpop idols.

Currently, episodes pertaining to round 1 and the ‘Connect Mission’ quest for groups of competitors have been aired. Prior to that, they released individual fancams of all 99 contestants for the ‘Connect Mission’ task, allowing fans to get a closer look at each girl’s performing abilities.

Similar to other survival shows, the views of individual fancams always attract the attention of fans. For ‘Girls Planet 999’, although views are not one of the scoring criteria, it clearly reflects the popularity of the contestants. Let’s take a look at the top 10 contestants who currently have the highest individual fancam views in ‘Girls Planet 999’ at the moment (as of 5 pm on August 29, 2021).

10th place: Fu Ya Ning (C-Group) – EXO’s ‘The Eve’ performance

Views: 464.8k

Likes: 28k

9th place: Kawaguchi Yurina (J-Group) – BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’

Views: 529.6k

Likes: 37k

8th place: An Jeongmin (K-Group) – BTS’s ‘Mic Drop’

Views: 526.6k

Likes: 23k

7th place: Guinn Myah (K-Group) – SEVENTEEN’s ‘Pretty U’

Views: 566.9k

Likes: 39k

6th place: Kang Yeseo (K-Group) – IZ*ONE’s ‘Fiesta’

Views: 734.8k

Likes: 43k

5th place: Su Rui Qi (C-Group) – EXO’s ‘The Eve’

Views: 810k

Likes: 49k

4th place: Sakamoto Mashiro (J-Group) – IZ*ONE’s ‘Fiesta’

Views: 897.1k

Likes: 40k

3rd place: Choi Yujin (K-Group) – BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’

Views: 889.3k

Likes: 85k

2nd place: Ezaki Hikaru (J-Group) – EXO’s ‘The Eve’

Views: 1.68 million

Likes: 80k

1st place: Huening Bahiyyih (K-Group) – IZ*ONE’s ‘Fiesta’

Views: 2.4 million

Likes: 205k

Thus, it can be seen that Huening Bahiyyih (TXT Huening Kai’s sister) is the contestant with the most viral fancam of ‘Girls Planet 999’ at the moment. Although it was just a solo performance fancam, it recorded up to 2.4 million views in just a short time. This view completely overwhelmed the remaining contestants, which proves how popular the girl born in 2004 is. Although many Korean netizens are not satisfied with Huening Bahiyyih’s skills, international fans say that she is getting better and better. They also claim that Huening Bahiyyih showed steady singing and dancing skills during her performance of ‘Fiesta’.

Furthermore, we can observe that the center pick for ‘Girls Planet 999”s title track does not appear to be particularly successful. Kim Dayeon, Shen Xiao Ting, and Ezaki Hikaru were the three centers of the title song stage; however, only Ezaki Hikaru had a fancam that entered the top ten. In the meanwhile, in prior Mnet survival shows, they always chose centers that were highly ‘fan appealing.’

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