BLACKPINK Lisa’s “Crab Dance” video hits 100M views on Youtube, setting a new record for Knowing Bros

It is the most viewed video on Knowing Bros’ Youtube channel.

BLACKPINK rarely participates in variety shows, but once they do, they always attract attention because of the girls’ sense of humor. In October 2020, Lisa had the opportunity to make the audience laugh out loud when performing the crab dance, which was extremely viral in Thailand at the time, on Knowing Bros. This moment caused a craze and immediately garnered impressive views. By February 22, 2022, the video of the BLACKPINK maknae on Knowing Bros has officially reached 100 million views.

blackpink lisa
Lisa’s crab dance hit 100 million views after almost a year and a half

Currently, this is also the most viewed video on Knowing Bros’ YouTube channel. 100 million views is not a small number, but many Kpop MVs have not even surpassed this milestone. This video of hers has been posted for a long time, but it continues to receive regular views. This proves that BLACKPINK is indeed the “YouTube queen” and partly shows the huge influence of the Thai female idol.

blackpink lisa
Lisa got 100 million views with a few-minute-long video

In addition, many netizens believe that the secret to making Lisa’s crab dance so popular is her expression. The youngest member of BLACKPINK shows a serious and expressionless face while dancing, making the video more humorous. After this video was released, many people did this choreography, but most netizens commented that Lisa’s version was the cutest. Thereby, they hope BLACKPINK will come back soon so they can see Lisa and her teammates continue to create viral moments on TV shows.

blackpink lisa
Lisa’s expressionless face is the highlight, making the crab dance so viral

Netizens commented:

  • What makes me laugh and watch this video over and over is her expressionless face while dancing.
  • The level of the Top 1 girl group member
  • I think the highlight of it going viral is mostly Lisa’s emotionless expression while dancing. It made me laugh out loud.
  • I hope BLACKPINK will come back soon
Lisa’s crab dance on Knowing Bros

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