BTS V selected by an American media outlet as the No.1 most successful and popular idol

On June 27th, American news site The Next Hint published an article titled ‘Top 12 Successful & Most Popular K-pop Idols: Taehyung Has Topped The List‘. 

The Next Hint selected the Top 12 most successful and popular K-pop idols of 2022, saying K-pop has secured a large fan base over the past 22 years and become the most popular music genre worldwide.

The Next Hint picked V as the No. 1 most successful and famous idol and explained that V is the man everyone was looking for, as he is handsome and steals many people’s hearts. Also, thanks to his performance skills on stage, he is the most popular and “renowned face” in all of K-pop. Almost every fan of K-pop knows who V is.

V has consistently proved his top popularity among K-pop idols through various domestic and foreign rankings. In the official ranking of Wikipedia’s Korean page (English version) in May, V ranked first in personal page views of Korean celebrities. Since the official Wikipedia rankings began to be provided in January 2021, he has been ranked number one as a K-pop solo artist for 17 consecutive months, showing explosive popularity around the world.

On Instagram, V boasts a strong popularity with an unrivaled number of followers and likes. V’s Instagram brand value is the world’s highest value of $797,000 (about 1 billion won).

V’s Instagram followers surpassed 45 million on June 25th and reached 45,93,274 as of 6 am KST on July 2nd. From January to June 2022, V did not miss the No.1 position once and has steadily seen an increase in followers.

Since V recently attended the Paris Fashion Week’s ‘CELINE HOMME SUMMER 23 SHOW’, the number of his Instagram followers on V has doubled or tripled as much as usual, drawing attention. Moreover, for the first time as an Asian celebrity, V had a post that surpassed 20 million likes. His post ranked 17th in the Top 20 Most Liked Instagram posts, and 15 posts have exceeded 15 million likes.

V is also gaining unparalleled popularity in Japan by occupying the first place for 65 consecutive weeks on the Japanese popular idol ranking site ‘Nehan’, and 61 weeks in a row in the ranking for Korean actors in their 20s on the well-known ranking site ‘Bihan’. 

Source: daum

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