BTS Suga Reveals How Anger Fueled His Creativity: “I Wanted to Succeed and Take Revenge”

BTS member Suga recently opened up about how he used anger as a driving force for his creativity. 

In a video titled “SUGA: Road to D-DAY – D-Day Roadmap” uploaded on Disney Plus’s official YouTube channel on April 10th, Suga shared his thoughts and experiences as a musician and a member of BTS.

Suga began by revealing how he felt denied and ignored as an idol musician after the release of his first solo album. He stated that he had heard people asking, “Are you even an idol?” from idol fandoms, and “What kind of music do idols make?” from other musicians. 

BTS Suga

Despite the backlash, Suga had been working on songwriting since high school and had never stopped honing his craft.

He went on to say that he and BTS members had been attacked from all sides and that they had even joked amongst themselves, saying, “We’ve come back to life from hell.” 

The criticism and hate from others only fueled his desire to succeed and get back at haters. He believed that he had to prove himself and his abilities, especially since he had been working on music in opposition to others’ opinions for so long.

BTS Suga

Suga confessed, “I had a strong desire to succeed and take revenge. Fortunately, the results were good. I have been working on songs under opposition since I was young, so I always had the mindset of needing to prove myself. For a while, anger was the biggest message in my heart.”

Meanwhile, Sugar posted the tracklist for his solo album “D-DAY” under the name Agust D on BTS’s official SNS on the same day (April 10th). He not only participated in writing and composing all the songs on the album, but also demonstrated his abilities as a producer by leading the overall album production.

Source: Daum

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