BTS Suga releases tracklist of his upcoming album, a legendary Japanese artist and composer appears in the featured artist list 

BTS Suga is gearing up for the release of his solo album, “D-Day.” 

Following the pre-release track ‘People pt.2” featuring IU, Suga is gearing up for a 10-track full-album, “D-Day”, to be released on April 21st. He is the fifth member of BTS to go solo, and will release the album under the name Agust D. 

BTS Suga

Agust D released the tracklist for his upcoming album 

According to the released material, Suga joined in the production process for all 10 songs in his album, including the title track, “Haegum.” The third track in the album, “HUH?”, also features a BTS member, j-hope. For the final track titled “Life Goes On,” BTS rap line, including Suga, RM and j-hope, joined the production of the song. 

BTS Suga

Suga joined the production of all tracks in the upcoming album 

Most notably, the ninth song on the tracklist, “Snooze”, features the late veteran Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. He was an idol to Suga and appeared in the trailer for a documentary titled “Road to D-Day” about Suga and his search for music inspiration. 

The composer passed away on March 28th, aged 71.

Source: K14 

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