A bottle of water of IVE Wonyoung was being sold by MCs at a university festival for 50,000 KRW

The fans were extremely angry and criticized the 2 MCs of the show

Recently, IVE performed at Chungbuk University’s festival. After the event, a spectator voiced displeasure with the behavior of the two MCs, saying: “After IVE performed at the Chungbuk School Festival, I was about to leave when I saw 2 MCs selling the group’s half-baked water bottles. What bothered me, even more, was that they wanted to sell Jang Wonyoung’s water bottles for 50,000 KRW.”

ive wonyoung

It is known that these two MCs are not students but comedians Bang Joo Ho and Lim Seong Wook. After the post was shared, many people criticized the 2 MCs and said that it was intended to sexually harass the girls. Furthermore, both Wonyoung and the IVE members are still underage.

ive wonyoung

Currently, both MCs have not given any explanation about this. On Bang Joo Ho’s Instagram story, there is still a picture of the two before the festival began yesterday.

Source: facebook

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