Actor Jin Sun-kyu to make a special appearance as Kim Tae-ri’s father in writer Kim Eun-hee’s new drama “The Demon”

Jin Sun-kyu will appear in Kim Tae-ri’s new drama as her father.

According to YTN Star’s report on September 30th, Jin Sun-kyu will make a special appearance in the new work “The Demon” (working title) by screenwriter Kim Eun-hee, who wrote “Sign”, “Signal”, and Netflix’s “Kingdom” series.

“The Demon” is an occult mystery thriller drama that tells about a woman, who is possessed by a demon, and a man, who can see the demon, digging into the mysterious death surrounding five bodies in the world where you will find evil spirits just by opening the door. 

Earlier, Kim Tae-ri, Oh Jung-se and Hong Kyung already confirmed their appearance in the drama, raising fans’ high expectations.

In “The Demon”, Kim Tae-ri will play the main character Gu San-young, the woman who gets caught up in mysterious deaths that keep occurring around her after receiving her father’s belongings. It has been confirmed that Jin Sun-kyu would star in the drama as Gu San-young’s father and play a crucial role in leading the development of the story.

Jin Sun-kyu previously formed a close relationship with writer Kim Eun-hee through Netflix’s “Kingdom” series, and also worked with Kim Tae-ri in the movie “Space Sweepers”. Showing amazing chemistry while working with them earlier, Jin Sun-kyu’s special appearance is expected to add synergy to “The Demon”.

Meanwhile, following “The Outlaws” and “Extreme Job”, Jin Sun-kyu once again solidified his position as a trustworthy actor with his performances in the recently released film “Confidential Assignment 2: International”, which has attracted more than 5.7 million viewers. He also presented an unexpected sense of entertainment through tvN’s program “Europe Outside the Tent”.

In addition, Jin Sun-kyu is scheduled to greet the viewers through TVing’s new original series “Ransom” this October. 

Source: daum

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