So Ji-seop appeared in public again after marrying Cho Eun-jung, but his visuals have changed quite a bit

Actor So Ji-seop, who recently married former announcer Cho Eun-jung, appeared again in public with quite a change.

So Ji-seop appeared as the main character of the “Guerrilla Date” corner on KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “Entertainment Weekly,” which aired on Sep 29th.

So Ji-seop, who gained weight after marriage and became more dignified, said to MC Lee Soo-ji, I recently opened an SNS. I opened this communication window to meet my fans and express my gratitude to them,” he said.

He also strengthened his will, saying, “I hope we will communicate with something that can be awkward and lacking, but will be fun rather than cool.”

so ji sub

Regarding “Guerrilla Date”, So Ji-seop said, “I think it’s been five years (since I last appeared). Hongdae is full of energy. I’m gaining strength,” he said.

He also said, “I want to continue to be called ‘So Ganzi’ rather than a new nickname,” adding, “I was burdened at first, but I have to protect the original because I am the original.”

so ji aub

Meanwhile, So Ji-seop recently got married to former announcer Cho on April 7th.

His movie “Confession” will be released on Oct 26th.

Source: wikitree

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