Taeyeon and Karina boast powerful visuals in GOT the Beat’s “Stamp On It” teaser 

The SM supergroup GOT the Beat, which consists of BoA and members from SNSD, Red Velvet, and aespa, returns with an intense performance. 

On January 4th, GOT the Beat released a teaser image on SNS, which features SNSD Taeyeon and aespa Karina. The two wore minidresses of red and blue, along with eye-catching accessories and sporty items. 

With such a style, Taeyeon and Karina flaunted their powerful visuals, which perfectly combines elegant femininity and strong “girlboss” vibes. 


On the other hand, GOT the Beat will release their new album “Stamp On It” on major music sites at 6PM (KST) on January 16th. The album will include a total of 6 songs. 

The title song, which falls into the genre of R&B dance, shares the same title with the album. A groovy piano and punchy 808 bass will be brilliantly integrated into this song. 


At the same time, powerful lyrics, which depict a story about survival to rise to the top in the harsh stage competition, can be expected.

On January 1st, the stage for GOT the Beat’s new title song has been unveiled for the first time at the SM concert “SM Town Live 2023: SMCU Palace @ Wilderness”. Here, the members’ energetic vocals, confident attitude, and intense performance can be seen at top-tier level. 

Source: Dispatch 

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