“The Glory” Lim Ji Yeon mentions the scene where she and Song Hye Kyo slap each other, “Our faces got swollen. It was an unforgettable scene”

Lim Ji Yeon revealed a behind story about acting alongside her senior actress Song Hye Kyo in the drama “The Glory”.

The official Youtube channel of ESQUIRE Korea recently uploaded a video titled, “Lim Ji Yeon completed 80kg deadlift? | Interview with Lim Ji Yeon”.

The released video shows Lim Ji Yeon taking time to answer simple questions. The actress stars in Netflix’s original series “The Glory” released on December 30th, 2022.

Introducing the work, she said, “This drama is about Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), who has a trauma due to her experience of school violence during school days, meeting the perpetrators who bullied her again and taking revenge”.

Lim Ji Yeon also explained her character, saying “I play Park Yeon Jin. She was the leader of the bully gang at school and is now a woman with nothing to be ashamed of. Then, bad things she did in the past return to her like a boomerang.”


Regarding the highlights of “The Glory”, the actress shared, “I think it’s a completely new genre that I can’t say exactly what it is. I got to play my first villain role, which was what I had always wanted to challenge, in this work so I hope many viewers would like it”.

She continued, “There is a scene where the main character Dong Eun visits the group of school bullying perpetrators for the first time and gives Park Yeon Jin a slap on her face. This is a very important scene”, adding “We actually slapped each other in that scene. I and senior actress Song Hye Kyo kept slapping each other, and our faces got swollen”, revealing a behind-the-scenes story.

Recalling the filming, Lim Ji Yeon said, “The director asked me to hit her properly at once, so I tried to slap her hard in order not to make NG cuts. I can’t forget that scene.”

Source: Daum

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