Bibi enters Cannes…Dizzying charm with unconventional red carpet fashion

Actress Kim Hyung Seo (Bibi) drew attention with her unconventional red carpet fashion.

Bibi showed off her dizzying charm while attending the red carpet event of the film “Hopeless” held at Grand Theatre Lumiere, Palais des Festival, Cannes, France at 9 PM on May 24th (local time).


Aside from Bibi, actor Song Joong Ki, who first walked on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival 15 years after his debut, actor Hong Sa Bin, director Kim Chang Hoon, CEO Han Jae Deok of the production company Sanai Pictures and CEO Hwang Ki Yong of Song Joong Ki’s agency HighZium Studio attended the event.

Bibi chose a black dress with soft gloss. If the naturally wrinkled front gave off an elegant feeling, the side and back that were coolly exposed caught the eye with a sexy feeling. Bibi enjoyed the red carpet and boasted her confident charm with a bright smile and a relaxed attitude.


Born in 1998, Bibi was the runner-up of SBS’ “The Fan” and is a solo singer who gained popularity by showing off her bold charm and musicality. In 2021, she appeared in the movie “Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming” and began her acting career as “actress Kim Hyung Seo” in earnest. As “Hopeless” was invited to Cannes, she entered Cannes for the first time as an actress.

“Hopeless” was selected to compete in the Un Certain Regard section. It is a noir drama that tells the story of Yeon Gyu (Hong Sa Bin), a boy who wants to escape from the hellish reality, after he met a gang’s middle boss, Chi Geon (Song Joong Ki), and joined the dangerous world.


Prior to the red carpet, the premiere screening of “Hopeless” was held at Debussy Theater amid a lot of interest with about 1,000 seats filled. Rumor has it that after the screening, there was a four-minute standing ovation.

Source: Daum

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