Lily-Rose Depp unaffected by criticisms for “The Idol”, “a beautiful celebration” 

The female lead of HBO series “The Idol”, Lily-Rose Depp, didn’t hide her happiness despite the critical reception of the work.

During an interview with ET on May 23rd (local time), Lily-Rose Depp proudly talked about her father, actor Johnny Depp, and his new biographical drama “Jeanne du Barry”, which received a standing ovation.


In particular, Lily-Rose expressed her support for Johnny Depp’s return to acting, gushing, “I’m super happy for him. I’m super excited. And it’s so awesome that we get to do projects that we’re super proud of.”

It is known that Johnny Depp made his comeback at the Cannes Film Festival after a year of defamation trial with his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard.

Meanwhile, on May 22nd, Lily-Rose Depp stood at the center of attention after presenting 2 episodes from the series “The Idol” at this film festival.

In the work, Lily-Rose Depp plays the role of Jocelyn, a pop star who makes a comeback after a hiatus due to the death of her mother. “The Idol” is produced by pop star The Weeknd and directed by Sam Levinson of “Euphoria”, drawing huge attention.


However, after the series’ premiere, reaction from critics was cold. The Hollywood Reporter commented, “Rarely does a scene go by without the camera showing flashes of her breasts or ass. You start to wonder if this is building to anything, and by episode two it seems likely that it’s probably not.”

Meanwhile, Variety mentioned that the first two episodes of the series are filled with pornographic photos with bodily fluids on Lily-Rose Depp’s face, masturbation scenes using ice cubes, scam artists who own nightclubs, and sycophants of wicked Hollywood, all of which are already controversial.

Adding to this, Kyle Buchanan of The New York Times referred to “The Idol” a “rape fantasy”, adding that the series is “taken too far”. 


Another critic called the second episode of the show “straight up pornography” and wrote on Twitter, “The show heavily exploits Lily and she’s nude/having sex in every episode. I hope she’s okay with it all because it comes off very exploitative.”

Back in April, this series faced also faced a controversy, when production officials revealed to Rolling Stone that it was full of “torture porn” and “rape fantasies”.

However, Lily-Rose Depp doesn’t seem to care much about all the ongoing criticisms.


In particular, after watching the work for the first time with an external audience, Lily-Rose Depp expressed her impressions, saying, “It was incredible. It felt like such a beautiful celebration and a culmination of everything that we’ve been through together, and just kind of a beautiful process that was in the show, and creating this little family together, and it just felt really, really nice.”

She also added, “Especially to get to celebrate together, and we’re just so happy for the response from the room. It felt really nice to watch the reaction and everything, and finally get to share something with the world that we’re all so proud of.”

On the other hand, “The Idol” will premiere on HBO on June 4th.

Source: Daum, Entertainment Tonight

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