‘Twenty Five, Twenty One’: A healing drama yet will it have a sad ending?

‘Twenty Five, Twenty One’ is predicted to have a sad ending because no matter how great love is, it can’t win over time and the harsh reality.

There are just four more episodes remaining before the drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One” comes to an end. The closer the last episodes got, the more netizens talked about its ending. Despite the fact that the drama is about love and youth in the 90s, there have been several speculations regarding the tragic ending based on details appearing in the drama.

Twenty Five Twenty One

The love story of Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) has been the key focus of ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One‘ since the first episodes. Yi Jin and Hee Do’s relationship improves as the story develops. And if Yi Jin and Hee Do do end up together, perhaps this is the happy ending that many fans are looking forward to.

Twenty Five Twenty One

With the broader background of the 1988 IMF crisis in Korea, however, ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One‘ seems to have been predicted to have a not-so-good ending due to the harsh reality. The economic crisis has had a significant impact on Yi Jin’s family, driving the entire family to split up in order to earn a living. Yi Jin, despite becoming a TV station reporter at the age of 23, still has nothing in his hands. He and Hee Do met and then fell in love in their twenties when they were both in their prime. However, will this love story remain beautiful in the face of time and reality?

Twenty Five Twenty One

Moreover, Kim Min Chae – Hee Do’s daughter – plays the role of “key” in reinforcing the audience’s belief in a not-so-happy ending. The fact that Min Chae’s last name is “Kim”, not “Baek”, and that she only knew Baek Yi Jin as Hee Do’s first love through her mother’s diary led viewers to believe that the story would end in sadness.

However, if this is really the end of the drama, it is not too reprehensible, but on the contrary, it is very reasonable. Not every couple who loves each other can be together forever. After all, Yi Jin and Hee Do have also spent time growing up together with passion and enthusiasm.

Twenty Five Twenty One

Despite the fact that there are several theories concerning ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One‘s sad ending, the audience still wishes for a happy ending, much as the drama’s healing principles do. Watch the next episodes of the series Twenty Five, Twenty One on Saturday and Sunday on Netflix.

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