Top 10 female stars representing Korean beauty in 2021

Recently, KBS Cultural Research Institute announced the list of female stars representing Korean beauty in 2021.

10: Suzy

This beauty born in 1994 is the only female idol who was an idol-actor in the Top 15 of this year’s survey. Dubbed the “nation’s first love” of the new generation after the first movie, Suzy is still the one to maintain this title in the hearts of the Korean public. After more than 10 years in the industry, Suzy has made many important steps in her career when gradually conquering the audience with increasingly improved acting and is an “advertising queen” with many collaborations with big brands.


9: Kim Hee Ae

The drama queen of Korea has always maintained her strong charm even though she has been present in the entertainment industry for decades. Kim Hee Ae‘s mature and elegant beauty is a unique feature that makes everyone fall in love with her. Besides her attractive beauty, Kim Hee Ae’s talent is also another important factor that makes people respect her.

kim hee ae

8: Kim Hye Soo

If Kim Hee Ae has the loving beauty of a married woman, Kim Hye Soo’s beauty comes from her charisma and personality. Looking at Kim Hye Soo, one will see the image of a modern, talented, rich woman who always knows how to make her life happy. In addition, the sensuality of Kim Hye Soo at the age of 51 also made many other juniors have to run long to catch up.

kim hye soo

7: Kim Yu Na

In the midst of a forest of actors, former figure skater – Kim Yu Na appeared in this ranking with 7th place. Kim Yu Na has long been considered a “national treasure” because of the glorious achievements she brought home to her country in the international arena. Not only her talent, but her beauty is also a bright spot that makes Koreans love and pamper her even more. It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Kim Yu Na a legend of Korean sports in particular and of this country in general.

kim yuna

6: Jun Ji Hyun

It has been about 20 years since the time of ‘My Sassy Girl’, but Jun Ji Hyun’s name has never cooled down in the Korean entertainment industry. Throughout her career, even though there are years when she didn’t participate in any movie, Jun Ji Hyun always has a way for the public to remember her beautiful and top-notch image. In the near future, the name Jun Ji Hyun is expected to cover the social networks as well as movie forums, when the new drama titled “Jirisan” is about to air. To see if after 5 years of absence on the small screen, is Jun Ji Hyun still hot enough to attract the audience to watch his movie?

jun ji hyun

5: Son Ye Jin

Standing one step above Jun Ji Hyun is Son Ye Jin. This actress born in 1982 is the typical model for a perfect star in the entertainment industry. She has outstanding beauty, a beautiful love affair with Hyun Bin, and has won many prestigious awards. In the near future, Son Ye Jin will also return with many different projects.

son ye jin

4: Han Ji Min 

The star from the BH family may not be a famous name, but she always has a special place in the hearts of the Korean people. People frequently claim that Han Ji Min‘s talents “capture the audience,” but her appearance is equally outstanding. 

han ji min

3: Han Ga In

Han Ga In‘s beauty is always something exceptional and appreciated by everyone, whether she is in her youth or has entered middle age. Han Ga In’s facial features are all wonderful and complement each other very well.

2: Kim Tae Hee

Besides Han Ga In, Kim Tae Hee is also considered another “national treasure of beauty”. Even Kim Tae Hee’s position is somewhat higher when she is named one of the four great Korean beauties. Kim Tae Hee has both brilliant beauty, an admirable family background, impressive education background and is now a happy family with the famous male star Bi Rain.

kim tae hee

 1: Kim Hee Sun 

Kim Hee Sun‘s beauty has always been admired by the Korean public, even at the age of 44. Despite the fact that she is no longer actively engaging in new projects or accomplishing notable successes, Kim Hee Sun’s attractiveness remains undiminished and is always praised by the public. Taking the first position in this survey demonstrates Kim Hee Sun’s current status and reputation.

kim hee sun

Source: DAN

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