Seol In-ah and Kim Se-jeong express affection and gratitude to each other through touching messages

Seol In-ah and Kim Se-jeong showed deep affection for each other.

In the early morning of April 24th, Seol In-ah left a long message on her Instagram Story. Seol In-ah visited Kim Se-jeong’s first fanmeeting “Se-jeong’s World Diary” as an audience. 

Seol In-ah took a photo of Kim Se-jeong performing on the stage from her audience seat and expressed her impression of the fanmeeting, saying, “When the world that had been hibernating for such a long time woke up with its stiff body, it feels like Se-jeong is embracing the forest, taking care of our breath and making us feel alive.”

The actress continued to deliver her touching message, saying, “As a friend, a colleague, and a fan, I’m worried that you might be having a hard time. But you showed us such a healthy side that was enough to overshadow such worries. That’s what I felt when I saw Se-jeong’s fans being comforted. Ignoring the Kim Se-jeong whom others told me about, I could feel the true person you are while watching at this place. I could feel comfort and love while watching and my mind went blank without knowing”.

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In particular, Kim Se-jeong shared Seol In-ah’s Instagram Story and replied, “I feel so secure to have you in this world. The reason why I did not have any hard time was that the days off and breaks I spent with you were truly precious and valuable.”

She added, “As a friend, a colleague, and a fan, I will continue to work hard to become a reliable person for you to lean on whenever. You’re already like that to me. If you look at me that way, I believe you have already become an existence like that. I answered you late because I was in deep sleep yesterday. Thank you, Ye-rin and In-ah.

Seol In Ah-Kim Se Jeong-A Business Proposal

The heartwarming appearance of the two, who expressed their sincere affection and gratitude for each other as friends, colleagues and fans of each other, touched the hearts of netizens.

Meanwhile, Seol In-ah and Kim Se-jeong worked together as Jin Young-seo and Shin Ha-ri in SBS’s drama “Business Proposal”, which ended on April 5th.

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