“Immortal Songs” Bada comforts Ailee who lost mother “I was on stage during the period of mourning”

Ailee became the final winner of “Immortal Songs”.

KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Immortal Songs”, which aired on Sep 17th, presented popular drama OSTs.

Bada, SeeYa Lee Bo-ram, Big Mama Park Min-hye, Ailee, Sunye and Lim Jeong-hee participated to determine Korea’s strongest vocal queen.

Ailee, who ran as the fourth runner on this day, burst into tears that she had endured as she recalled her late mother after Lim Young-woong’s “Love Always Run Away” stage. Seeing this, Lee Bo-ram sympathized with Ailee’s feelings, “It was hard to hold back the tears. At the end, Ailee said ‘It would be nice’, and those words were so heartbreaking. I felt a lot in those words.”

Ailee, who stopped crying, then told the story of a recent phone call with her grandmother in America. She made viewers cry by revealing, “I told my grandma not to cry. I’m in the position of a daughter who lost her mother, but my grandma is having a hard time because she misses her daughter who passed away.”

Bada, who was Ailee’s opponent in the fourth round, first comforted Ailee before the competition. She told Ailee, “Like Ailee, I have the experience of sending my mother to heaven first while standing on stage. I was on stage at KBS during the period of mourning. As I remembered that day, my love for my mom is great. My mom might be watching from the sky the feelings that I couldn’t convey because of time.” In response, MC Shin Dong-yup added, “It’s a stage where you can feel the beautiful feelings between senior and junior apart from the competition.”

Ailee defeated Bada, Lim Jeong-hee and Park Min-hye in the 4th, 5th and 6th rounds to achieve 3 consecutive wins and eventually won the final title.

Ailee expressed her feelings about winning as well as her ambition, “I will work harder in the future.”

Source: daum

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