Ryu Hwayoung, who used to ruin the career of T-ARA, achieved her first lead role. How do K-netizens react?

The former member who caused T-ARA to suffer hard times got the first lead role in her acting career.

Ryu Hwayoung used to be active as a member of girl group T-ARA. She joined the group late but left after a short period of time to focus on individual activities.

After leaving T-ARA, Ryu Hwayoung decided to turn to acting instead of continuing her idol career. Playing supporting roles for several years, she finally had her first lead role. In particular, Ryu Hwayoung will transform into the female lead Eun Soo in the movie “Exist Within”.

“Exist Within” centers around a writer who lives downstairs of a man who seems to be hiding some secrets. The movie is expected to stimulate the viewers’ curiosity with weird sounds and mysterious events. 

Apart from the movie’s thrilling story, the fact that Ryu Hwayoung got cast to play the lead role for the first time also attracted keen attention from netizens. It is because she has a negative image in the eyes of the public due to her past controversies.

At the time she withdrew from T-ARA, Ryu Hwayoung kept badmouthing her old group. She claimed that she had been bullied, isolated and forced to leave to group by the members.

Because of the female idol’s sharing, the audience criticized T-ARA badly at that time. At the same time, the public also turned their back on the group, causing the members’ careers to be destroyed.

It took many years for the truth to be revealed. Turns out, Ryu Hwayoung has never been bullied, all previous accusations were made up by her to get sympathy from the audience.

Ryu Hwayoung’s lie caused T-ARA to experience hardship. To the shock of fans, the group ultimately chose to disband.

After being accused of lying, Ryu Hwayoung’s image completely collapsed. She also suffered criticism and boycott from the audience.

Up to now, many netizens have not been able to forget Ryu Hwayoung’s malicious lies. Therefore, upon learning that she got her first lead role, netizens had negative reaction:

  • You’ve been playing the victim for 5 years, that why you’ve got a lead role now?
  • But Ryu Hwayoung’s appearance really suits being an actor. I watched the movie and saw that she acted well. If I didn’t know about the scandal before, I would have supported it.
  • You ruined T-ara and now you still live that well?!

The movie “Exist Within” starring Ryu Hwayoung and actor Park Jin Woo is expected to be premiered in October this year.

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