“The Real Has Come!” Cha Joo Young wears Hanbok and faces Ahn Jae Hyun in an arranged marriage 

Ahn Jae Hyun and Cha Joo Young confront each other fiercely in the new drama “The Real Has Come!”. 

In episode 2 of KBS2’s new weekend drama “The Real Has Come!” airing today (March 26th), the scene of Jang Se Jin (Cha Joo Young) attending Gong Tae Kyung’s (Ahn Jae Hyun) family gathering is depicted.

cha joo young

In episode 1 of “The Real Has Come!”, Gong Tae Kyung, a bachelor, has an unexpected encounter with Oh Yeon Doo (Baek Jin Hee), who misunderstands him as a playboy. Due to Oh Yeon Doo’s misunderstanding, Gong Tae Kyung is forced by his grandmother to enter into an arranged marriage with Jang Se Jin.

In episode 2, a still image of Gong Tae Kyung’s family dressed in Hanbok and Jang Se Jin’s family with an unknown expression gathered in one place raises expectations.


Gong Tae Kyung and Jang Se Jin, who were close enough to know each other’s households since childhood, reunite, but the opposite atmosphere creates curiosity.

Gong Tae Kyung emits a strong gaze as if he has something to say to Jang Se Jin while wearing a neat suit. Their somewhat stern expressions and confrontation suggest that an uneasy situation is unfolding between them.

The appearance of Gong Tae Kyung’s family also catches the eye. Gong Tae Kyung’s family are smiling and happy, while Jang Se Jin’s parents have uncomfortable and dark expressions, creating a calm tension like the calm before the storm.

What is the story behind these two families coming together, and what other events will occur between Gong Tae Kyung and Jang Se Jin? It raises viewers’ desire to watch the drama.

KBS2’s weekend drama “The Real Has Come!” has been receiving a hot response since its first broadcast, and episode 2 will air on March 26th at 8:05 PM KST.

Source: Daum

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