Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo Go Try Their Best to Protect Employees, Using Their Own Money to Pay Salaries

Broadcaster Ji Seok Ji has reportedly paid salaries to employees who are suffering due to Uzurocks’s delayed payments.

Sports Seoul stated, “Ji Seok Jin has been paying salaries to Uzurocks staff, including managers and stylists, who have not received any payments from the agency using his own money”.

ji seok jin

According to the media, the amount of money is quite large for an individual to handle, but Ji Seok Jin was extremely reluctant to let the public know about his generosity.

In an interview with Sports Seoul on May 17th, an employee at Uzurocks said, “What Ji Seok Jin is doing is not just simply paying us salaries instead of the company. He truly cares for the staff like his family”, adding “He asks all the employees he meets every day and asks ‘Have you received your salary?’ with an expression that he is sincerely worrying about us”.


On the same day, Dispatch reported that Song Ji Hyo also took care of employees who are suffering from delayed salaries although Uzurocks has not yet paid her 900 million won in appearance fee settlement. Knowing the employees receive notice of credit card overdue, the actress immediately gave them her personal card to cover their living.

Earlier on the 5th of last month, Uzurocks caused controversy as it failed to pay salaries for employees and artists. At that time, the agency said, “We have already completed all payments, including salaries and four major insurance payments, for those who left the company and others will also get paid soon”, adding “Payments for artists will proceed as scheduled”.

However, Uzurocks did not keep its promise so Song Ji Hyo reportedly sent a notice of her contract termination to the company and filed a lawsuit to claim unpaid settlement.

Source: Wikitree

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