Sandara Park mentions her unique hairstyles in 2NE1, “My scalp worked hard. I cried a lot because it was so painful”

Singer Sandara Park talked about the shocking hairstyles she had tried during her activities with 2NE1 in the past.

On July 19th, the Youtube channel “kiu기우쌤” uploaded a video titled “Sandara Park.. It’s not easy to have unique hair anymore..”

Sandara Park

The video shows Sandara Park meeting hairstylist Ki Woo. Ki Woo said, “When you said you were coming today, I wondered what hairstyle I should do”. Sandara Park replied, “I’m concerned about that too. What kind of hairstyle should I do now?”. Ki Woo added, “I wonder if there’s any hairstyle you haven’t done”.

Sandara Park confessed, “Except for shaving it all off, I’ve tried pretty much all kinds of haircuts. I did a buzz cut. Unless it’s completely shaved off”, adding “I look good with slicked-back hair tied in the back. So I keep tying it”.

Sandara Park

She continued, “My image is so kind normally. I wanted to have mean hair and makeup”.

Upon hearing that, Ki Woo said, “When you debuted… When I saw your palm tree here then, I was curious about how to make that hairstyle. You showed how to do it yourself in a video, right?”. Sandara Park replied, “It was messy, but the method was correct”.

Sandara Park

Ki Woo commented, “I thought it’d have something inside”. Sandara Park explained, “It’s just tied. My scalp worked hard”, adding “With a strong string, I tied it by going round and round. I cried a lot too because it was so painful”.

The hairstylist asked, “After you debut, a rookie can’t give opinions well. Back then, when you had that hair, was that what you wanted to do?”.

Sandara Park

In response, Sandara Park said, “No, the stylist back then told me I’d have a hairstyle like a stick. I was a bit worried, but it looked so pretty, so I was very satisfied. So I rather thought straight hair or calm hair didn’t suit me. So I couldn’t do it. But nowadays, I keep my hair straight. My fans want to see me with straight hair.”

She continued, “As I did it, I noticed that it suits me. Among members, when you look, I have the least aura or charisma. I felt like I didn’t look intimidating on stage, so I did the scary hair. It suited the song perfectly”.

The female singer added, “I leaned on it more. With that hair, that kind of attitude seemed to come out. When I look in the mirror, I become more confident.”

Source: Daum

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