Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK collab song: composed by Ariana’s producer and songwriter of Taylor Swift’s hit?

These two musicians have been constantly teasing about a collaboration between Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK, making the fans feel extremely excited.

 Recently, in an online interview, Ryan Tedder revealed an information that caught the attention of the global audience: “I just finished writing a song for Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK”. A few weeks earlier, Ryan Tedder also directly affirmed his love for BLACKPINK and announced that he would work with the YG girls, making fans really excited.

 Ryan Tedder’s confirmation that he finished writing the song for Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK also coincided with producer Tommy Brown also confirming that he was working with Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK a few days ago. Therefore, fans raised the question: will the collab between Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK written by Ryan Tedder while Tommy Brown will be the producer?  If this collab is true, from the name of the singers to the producers and songwriters behind the song, it is enough to guarantee that the song will gain massive attention worldwide.  This song will most likely be included in BLACKPINK’s album released in the second half of this year – or possibly a track on Ariana Grande’s next album.

Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK collab song: composed by Ariana’s producer and songwriter of Taylor Swift’s hit?

 Ryan Tedder is the lead singer of One Republic, and independently works as a musician and producer for many artists, including famous names of the world music industry like U2,  Adele, Beyoncé, Maroon 5, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez, Westlife, Hilary Duff, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Big Time Rush, Camila Cabello, Taylor Swift, Leona Lewis, Zedd, Shawn Mendes and Hailee Steinfeld.

 As the producer for many masterpieces such as Adele’s “21” and “25” albums, Taylor Swift’s “1989”, Ryan Tedder, along with the main artists, brought home 3 Grammys, all of which are in the most important category in terms of album – “Album of The Year”. He is also the producer for Beyoncé’s epic hit – “Halo”, …

Tommy Brown is a musician associated with the success of Ariana Grande in a series of recent hits as a producer. Most impressive ones are the 2 songs that helped Ariana Grande debut No.1 on Billboard Hot 100: “thank u, next” and “7 rings”.

 However, another possibility is Ryan Tedder and Tommy Brown are actually working with Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK, but with completely separate projects.  Because clearly, up to now, the statements of both Tedder and Brown are not yet certain and can be understood in many ways.  Of course, it is true that we should wait for an official announcement from the company and should not expect too much just to be disappointed! But no matter what, having new great music to listen to is enough right! 

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