BTS’ Suga: “I’m sorry to those who write malicious comments, but I don’t read them.”

Suga was very clever when faced with negative comments.

Recently, on a live broadcast, BTS Suga had a very interesting meeting with ARMY. Many of the fans had expressed their concerns when BTS and Suga often receive negative comments and unecessary criticism from the public. Especially at the present, BTS is extremely successful and is at the peak of their career.

“Oppa, do not pay attention to those comments, eat, sleep and practice well.”

“Let’s just ignore those people.”

After that, Suga had quite interesting and wise reactions. He said that he and his team members always have to practice and perform every day, so they are very busy. They do not even have enough time to meet their daily needs, so they would never read negative comments.

I’m sorry but I don’t get on the internet often. That’s why I don’t really know the latest trending words. I usually just use it to monitor [our broadcasts], so I don’t even get the chance to see malicious comments”, he said.

Suga’s answer had reassured the anxiety of ARMYs, and shows his cleverness in rejecting the negative comments from the antifans. The answer is very sincere and polite makes ARMYs extremely proud of their idols. Hopefully, BTS and Suga will be more and more successful in the future

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