600-kg monitor fell at popular idol group’s concert… 5 officials arrested

5 concert officials were arrested as one dancer was seriously injured in a monitor crash in Hong Kong.

Idol Concert HK

Hong Kong’s Kowloon West regional crime unit announced on Nov 11th that they arrested four men and a woman, including production director, project manager and stage engineering, on charges of causing a large monitor to fall onto the stage during the group Mirror’s concert.


Earlier on July 28th, a 600-kg monitor that was hanging from the ceiling crashed during a concert of Hong Kong’s popular group Mirror, seriously injuring one dancer.

Idol Concert HK

This dancer regained consciousness 10 days after several surgeries, but the degree of injury was serious, making it impossible for him to live a normal life.

After the crash, the concert organizers said through an official statement that they would actively cooperate with the police’s investigation and hire third-party experts to conduct an internal investigation.

Idol Concert HK

Source: wikitree

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