“Honey drips from your eyes”, Kim Seon Ho boasts bright smile after a tearful comeback

Actor Kim Seon Ho recently updated his status

On August 1st, two photos were posted on the official Instagram of actor Kim Seon Ho’s staff with the caption: “My favorite photos. It’s a hot summer, but I wish you a happy August like a blooming rose.”

kim seon ho

In the published photos, Kim Seon Ho is smiling while holding a rose on his palm. With his gentle dimples and eyes dripping with honey, the actor brighten up the atmosphere, earning massive love from fans. 

On the other hand, Kim Seon Ho’s comeback play, “Touching The Voice”, is a work that follows main characters who struggle to survive on a huge snow mountain amid a terrible blizzard. The play captures the fear of being trapped in the harsh nature, and the fighting spirit of life overcoming that fear. Moreover, Kim Seon Ho gathered a lot of attention by showing tears at the press conference for “Touching The Void”, which was the actor’s first official public appearance since his hiatus

kim seon ho

“Touching The Void” is performed at Daehakro Art One Theater 2 from July 8th to September 18th. 

Source: Nate

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