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“We’re all actors”, Yoo Hae-jin surprised a K-drama fan he met in Italy with his introduction (Europe Outside Your Tent)

An Italian K-drama fan was surprised when Yoo Hae-jin introduced himself on “Europe Outside Your Tent”.

In the 8th episode of tvN’s entertainment program “Europe Outside Your Tent”, which aired on September 21st, Yoo Hae-jin, Jin Sun-kyu, Park Ji-hwan and Yoon Kyun-sang were seen trying Italian pizzas.

Europe Outside Your Tent

On the broadcast, the four went to eat Italian pizzas, which they wanted to try so much. Looking at the menu written in Italian, they tried to order two pizzas with familiar names, such as Margherita Pizza and Fantastic Pizza.

Later, the restaurant employee who came to take orders told them that Fantastic Pizza was a vegetarian pizza without meat. She then kindly recommended another type of pizza to them. They successfully ordered Lasagna thanks to her.

The employee then asked the four actors, who are clearly strangers to her, where they came from. When the they answered “Korea”, she surprised them by saying “Hello” in Korean. The female employee then said, “I really like Korean dramas. I only watch Korean dramas” with an exciting expression.

Yoo Hae-jin said to the employee, “We are all actors”. At first, the employee responded “Wow” lightly but she later asked “Really?” with her twon eyes widely open, drawing laughter. Mentioning some dramas they starred in, Yoon Kyun-sang shyly guessed, “She haven’t watched them…”. The four then burst out laughter. 

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