Agency explains Lee Seung Gi’s poor fanservice controversy during US tour

It turned out that Lee Seung Gi’s schedule in Atlanta was disrupted due to bad weather

After successfully wrapping up his concert tour “The Dreamer’s Dream – Chapter 2” in Asia, Lee Seung Gi continued to carry out performances in the US for the first time since his debut. Therefore, fans raised high expectations for the success of Lee Seung Gi’s US tour.

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Lee Seung Gi performed his first show in Los Angeles on August 26th then completed the Atlanta concert safely on the 30th. However, controversies over Lee Seung Gi’s fanservice arose right after his Atlanta show.

According to Atlanta Hankook Ilbo’s report on September 1st, Lee Seung Gi was scheduled to visit a restaurant owned by Koreans who sponsored the concert ahead of the performance but he canceled it.

Later on the 3rd, Lee Seung Gi’s agency Human Made told OSEN, “It is true that there was a verbal agreement for a visit to a restaurant of Koreans and we were willing to cooperate”.

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They explained, “While moving to Atlanta after the LA concert, we also encountered a hurricane, which caused a delay in our arrival at the airport in Atlanta. We arrived after 10 p.m. and could not visit the restaurant due to the artist’s health condition”, adding “The artist needed to maintain a good condition for the concert. Visiting the restaurant was a great idea but he prioritized the audience. We asked for understanding from people involved.”

It turned out that Lee Seung Gi’s visit to the restaurant was not a contractual promise, and there was a hurricane that caused a delay in his arrival time and disrupted his schedule. In the end, Lee Seung Gi decided to focus on his health condition for the concert.

In addition, the agency also explained that the cancellation of the New York show scheduled for September 2nd was due to “local venue circumstances”.

Source: Naver

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