A fancam of Yoo Ah-in and Han So-hee greeting each other at the 2021 AAA is drawing keen attention from netizens

A friendly moment between famous actors Yoo Ah-in and Han So-hee was captured, drawing enthusiastic reactions.

 Yoo Ah-in and Han So-hee

On December 7th, a video titled “Yoo Ah-in and Han So-hee shyly greeted each other at an awards ceremony” was uploaded on a Youtube account that recorded fancams of celebrities.

This fancam was filmed at KBS Arena in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, where the 2021 Asian Artist Awards (2021 AAA) was held on December 2nd.

As in the video, Yoo Ah-in greeted Han So-hee first while sitting next to her. Han So-hee immediately responded to his greeting. She covered her mouth with surprise and smiled shyly. Yoo Ah-in also smiled at Han So-hee, and he even copied her pose.

Youtuber viewers and netizens on online communities, who watched this video, speculated that the two had already seen each other’s movies and dramas. In particular, some Internet users mentioned the fact that Han So-hee was a fan of Yoo Ah-in, saying, “Isn’t it amazing to see this scene because Han So-hee has been known as a fan of Yoo Ah-in ever since before her debut? The way she covered her mouth was so cute”. Other netizens reacted, saying, “It’s so nice to see both together”, “Beautiful actor and actress”, “I hope the two will have a chance to act in a movie or drama together.”

Han So-hee was awarded the Best Artist Award

At the 2021 AAA, Yoo Ah-in won the Grand Prize – Actor of the Year (Film) and the Asia Celebrity category. Meanwhile, Han So-hee was awarded the Best Artist Award.

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