Netizens Found Proof BLACKPINK Jennie Might Sign with HYBE, Moving to the Same Company as Rumored Boyfriend BTS V?

This detail has led netizens to believe that BLACKPINK Jennie will not be renewing her contract with YG 

BLACKPINK’s uncertain contract situation with YG Entertainment is still a hot topic of discussion. While Rosé and Jisoo are in Paris and went to support Lisa at her Crazy Horse performance, Jennie has not shared new updates. In the meantime, a rumor about Jennie signing with HYBE has emerged. 

jennie blackpink hybe

Previously, Jennie was reported to have established her own company to manage her solo activities and would soon be returning with a new album. However, many opinions also point to the possibility of Jennie signing with HYBE. 

This rumor stems from Jennie’s live broadcast video being taken down from YouTube due to copyright complaints from HYBE.

However, fans pointed out that the reason HYBE claimed copyright on the video was because it was taken from Weverse Live, which is owned by HYBE.

Korean netizens left comments:

  • It’s because Weverse has the copyright.
  • It’s because she did the live on Weverse Live.
  • A live broadcast of Lisa was also taken down earlier due to HYBE’s copyright.
  • This surprises me but it’s a false alarm.
  • Not convincing.

Source: K14

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