The post-surgery condition of BTS Jin’s hand looks serious and fans are worried  

It looks like BTS’s Jin has yet to recover from his finger surgery due to tendon damage last month. 

After attending the 64th Grammy Awards on April 4th, BTS turned on V-App to chat with fans. During the live broadcast, the members talked about their feelings about appearing at the Grammys while drinking champagne and eating pizza.

BTS Jin-Grammy 2022

When Jimin opened the champagne bottle, Jin was startled by the sudden “poong” sound of the champagne popping. He flinched and his frowning expressions show that he was in pain. Jin then smiled to reassure the members who got immediately worried about his injury, saying, “I was surprised and bumped my hand on my knee.”

V, who was sitting right next to Jin, quickly noticed Jin hit his hand and comforted him by gently grabbing his bandaged hand. Seeing how Jin suffered from pain even when his hand touched something slightly, fans expressed utter concern at his condition. 

BTS Jin-Grammy 2022

On the same day, Jin went on the Grammys stage with a cast on his hand during BTS’ performance. Although Jin has yet to recover from his surgery and his hand must have hurt immensely, he finished the stage professionally without showing any sign of discomfort, drawing much praise from fans. 

Meanwhile, Jin underwent suture surgery last month due to partial damage to his left index tendon. For a speedy recovery, Jin is wearing a post-surgery cast and carrying out his schedule cautiously. 

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