Red Velvet Joy apologized for being unprofessional due to the firework on stage

A video clip of Red Velvet Joy showing a fearful expression on stage has been released which worried many.

On May 11th, the “Iseul Live Festival” was held in Jarasum, Gapyeong. On the same day, Red Velvet members took the stage and performed various hit songs, including “RBB.”

When Red Velvet’s last song was over, colorful firecrackers exploded and the members said goodbye to the audience.

The members who have finished the performance perfectly looked happy. However, Joy ran away fearfully with her ears covered as if she was scared of the sound of the firecracker, surprising the fans at the scene.


Joy, who had an agonizing look on her face, seemed to be at a loss and she could do nothing but sat down on the side of the stage.

As fans’ concerns grew, Joy left an official position on Red Velvet’s SNS account. “I’ve been afraid of firecrackers since I had seen them exploded in front of me before,” she said, “There’s suddenly ringing in my ears and I couldn’t even say a proper goodbye to the audience. I’m angry at myself for being so unprofessional. I’m sorry.

Source: nate

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