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“Fly to the Dance” Aiki took off her pants while busking on the LA beach, “Because I’m in America” 

Henry eventually had to tell the passionate dancers to take a rest. 

On the July 22 broadcast of JTBC’s TV show “Fly to the Dance”, Love Ran, Lee Jung, Aiki, Lia Kim, Hye Rim, Amy, and Henry were shown busking on the beach in LA.

fly to the dance

Henry and the female dancers happened to meet a local busker and they decided to collaborate on the spot. When Henry’s violin melody was combined with Lia Kim and Hye Rim’s impromptu dances, the locals poured out applause.  Lia Kim also expressed her overwhelming feelings, “It was a freestyle dance that I did comfortably.”

Thanks to the exciting response of locals, the members continued busking against the LA sunset. In particular, while dancing to the strong beat of “Bang Bang”, Lee Jung performed a unique choreography by climbing up the bike next to her. Lia Kim exclaimed, “She really tore it up,” and praised, “I know Lee Jung is good, but I didn’t know she was that good. Everything was perfect.”

Seeing the members dancing without cooling off until the sun went down, Henry complained, “Let’s stop dancing now.” He continued, “I thought I had a lot of energy, but after meeting Aiki, I realized that there are people with more energy than me.” Aiki took off her pants and raised the last excitement. She said, “I’m in America, so I lowered my pants.”

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