P.O “I failed to apply for the Marine Corps 3 times”

Block B member-actor P.O (Pyo Ji Hoon) talked about how he became more mature after joining the Marine Corps.

On June 9th, P.O’s interview video was uploaded on the YouTube channel “National Defense NEWS”.


First of all, P.O greeted, “Sergeant Pyo Ji Hoon, who is serving in the military at the proud Marine Corps Command of the Republic of Korea. A must win!” P.O drew attention by showing off his more dignified and sharper jawline. Regarding the reason for enlisting in the Marine Corps, P.O shared, “My mother wanted me to serve in a cool place, and the reason was to grant this wish. So I decided to join the army.”

P.O confessed, “I applied for the Marine Corps for the first time when I was 27 years old, but I got a call that all three times from 27 to 29 years old had dropped, so I was wondering why my physical grade dropped. I debuted in high school, so I failed because I didn’t have enough days to attend high school. I wondered how I could join the Marine Corps, and I thought, ‘Let’s take the Marine Corps Command Military Band Test.’ If I failed again this time, I wouldn’t be able to join the Marine Corps.”


P.O went on to say, “I think the Marine Corps was another challenge for me. I think it was a time when I had faith in myself. It was especially hard when I was a trainee, and there were many difficulties afterwards, but I thought that if I was a Korean man, I should experience it once. I joined the Marine Corps, not another army, and always told myself, ‘I overcame it well. I endured it well.’ I think I’m very proud. I’ve become physically healthy. I think my mindset has changed a lot.”

Finally, he expressed his desire, “As an actor, I want to go back to the set to shoot dramas and movies. As a singer and entertainer, I want to show good performances to many people. I hope I become a person who can give off a manly vibe after serving in the Marine Corps.”

Meanwhile, P.O debuted as a member of Block B in 2011 and appeared in many entertainment programs such as “Amazing Saturday”, “New Journey to the West” as well as dramas such as “Hotel Del Luna”, “Encounter”, “Mouse”, “More Than Friends”. He joined the Marine Corps in March last year and will be discharged in September.

Source: Nate

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