IVE Rei introduces interesting places in Yongsan, flexing Starship card on a shopping spree

IVE member Rei successfully completed her tour of hot places in Yongsan.

On June 8th, the Youtube channel “섭씨쉽도” released the fourth episode of IVE Rei’s exclusive content “Follow REI”.

That day, Rei arrived at the fourth place in Yongsan called “Heartline Project”. What Rei experienced there was “mirror painting” and the class began as soon as her arrival. After listening to the instructions carefully, Rei paired up with the PD and chose a picture. Showing her enthusiasm, Rei said, “Everything here, I will copy them all”. She then confidently said, “I didn’t need a sketch in the first place”. Immediately turning into an art student, Rei also cheered for the PD, who said mirror painting was difficult, saying “Trust yourself”.

While drawing, Rei commented, “I started to feel a little bit boring, teacher”, surprising everyone with her unexpected sophisticated Korean expression. Thanks to Rei, who kept teasing the teacher, the class was filled with laughter. Rei transformed into a teacher and acted a roleplay, making everyone smile with her mischievous side.


Sitting in front of the painting again, Rei completed it with the help of an expert. Regaining determination, Rei finished her mirror with lovely details, such as a rainbow, clouds, a duck with Rei’s hairstyle, and hearts. While her mirror painting was drying, Rei interacted with other students, held a mini fanmeeting, and showcased her meticulous and delicate charms.

Arriving at “POZLE”, the fifth location, Ray challenged herself to take a self-shot with an unfamiliar beam projector. Feeling a bit awkward in her first attempt, Rei quickly showed her professional idol aspect by effortlessly performing various poses and finished the shoot in an instant. At one point, when the notification message “60 seconds remaining” appeared, Rei jokingly said, “It (The machine) is threatening me”, drawing laughter.

The sixth hot place that Rei introduced was the bakery “DOTORI”. Chosen by Rei, the menu at this place boasts a variety of options. Rei naturally showed their extraordinary friendliness by interviewing a solo guest who happened to be there. Meeting a female guest with exceptional tension, Rei asked her to choose the menu together as if they had come together from the beginning and talked about what they had done that day. In particular, when Rei learned that the female guest was working at an amusement park, she mentioned something that seemed to hint at the possibility of “Follow REI” Season 2, arousing keen attention from fans.


Rei wrapped their enjoyable time by making the signature pose of “Follow REI” with the friend she met on the spot. In the preview at the end of the video, she said, “With a corporate card, I am on a shopping spree”, raising expectations for the next episode.

IVE Rei’s first exclusive content “Follow REI” is released every Thursday at 7 p.m. on the Youtube channel “섭씨쉽도”.

Source: Daum

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