BTS Jungkook Drops MV Teaser for “3D” (feat. Jack Harlow): A Continuation of “Seven”? 

BTS Jungkook raises expectations for his upcoming music video, “3D” 

With its release set for September 29th, Jungkook has partnered up with Jack Harlow, promising to deliver another chart-topping hit.

Jung Kook Jack Harlow

Fans were left electrified when Jungkook unveiled the melody and snippets of “3D” during the Global Citizen Festival. “3D” rapidly became the hottest topic, thanks to its catchy sound.

“3D” follows in the footsteps of Jungkook’s previous hit, “Seven.” It’s a meticulously crafted RnB Pop remix that eloquently expresses the longing to be close to a loved one. In the teaser, Jungkook’s handsome visuals have taken center stage. 

Jung Kook Jack Harlow

But what set social media ablaze wasn’t just Jungkook’s stunning looks and captivating music. Instead, it was the flood of fan theories. Delving into the lyrics and visuals revealed in the teaser, many fans have speculated that “3D” might be a continuation of the storyline from “Seven.” In “Seven” music video, Jungkook was seen navigating a tumultuous relationship with Han So Hee and making efforts to reconcile with her. The scene of him playing chess on the street with Jack Harlow has fueled fan speculation about a story where he’s been kicked out of his house by his girlfriend Han So Hee and is now wandering aimlessly.

Jung Kook Jack Harlow

Jungkook wielding a hammer while on his journey has also become a topic of discussion among fans. His expressions in these scenes left fans wondering about the deeper meaning behind them.

With the release of “3D” just around the corner, anticipation is building. 

Source: K14

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