BLACKPINK’s dancer praises Lisa’s dancing skills and shows admiration for her passion

One of the male dancers of BLACKPINK during the group’s world tour “BORN PINK”, recently spoke about his admiration for Lisa, the group’s main dancer.

He praised Lisa’s “incomparable” passion for dancing and her amazing talent, describing her as having the physical traits of a great dancer, with a small and well-proportioned face, and long arms and legs that make her motion look big.

BLACKPINK with their dancers

The dancer said, “Despite being shorter than me, sometimes it feels like Lisa is taller than me,” complimenting Lisa’s physique.

The dancer also shared how he sometimes feels hidden by Lisa’s shadow when performing with her, despite being a professional dancer himself. That’s why he tries his best to work even harder.

Lisa’s dancing skills have always been a standout feature of BLACKPINK’s performances. Dubbed a “dancing machine”, Lisa is known for her sharp and precise movements, as well as her ability to incorporate various dance styles into her performances. 

Source: Youtube

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