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Jessi “I came to Korea alone at the age of 14… I taught math and English to make a living”

“Hidden Singer” Jessi revealed stories behind “‎The Rebirth”.

Singer Jessi appeared as the 8th original singer on JTBC’s entertainment program “Hidden Singer 7”, which aired on Oct 7th.

Jessi Hidden Singer

“‎The Rebirth”, a song released when Jessi was active as Jessica H.O, came out as the mission song for the 3rd round. This song was released when Jessi was 17 years old. Song Eun-yi said, “There were modifiers at that time. ‘The rookie that Lee Hyo-ri noticed’ and ‘The second Yoon Mi-rae’ might have been burdensome, but Jessi has established herself uniquely as a female rapper since then.”

Jessi Hidden Singer

Jessi raised curiosity by sharing, “‘‎The Rebirth’ is the song I hate the most.” Soon after, she explained, “This song came out at the worst time of my life.”

Jessi Hidden Singer

Jessi recalled, “I came to Korea alone at the age of 14. I couldn’t speak Korean at all, except for saying hello. People misunderstood why I couldn’t speak Korean. I was going back and forth between Korea and America back then. I tried to remember Korean, but I forgot. I released this song (‘‎The Rebirth’) then went to America. I gave up on music for 5 years.”

Jessi Hidden Singer

She surprised everyone by revealing “I can’t ask my family for money because of my personality” and that she had been teaching math and English for about 6 months to earn money.

Jessi added, “After that, I took the qualification exam. I was going to attend a fashion school, but I got a call from Korea and wanted to be a singer again. I kept looking for music. I was able to become the present Jessi because I didn’t give up on music.”

Jessi Hidden Singer

Regarding “‎The Rebirth”, Jessi expressed her thoughts, “Now I’m happy to sing this song at events. It was nice to sing it with you.”

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