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“Yours are too big”… Jessi was flustered by Poongja’s request for a body-five (Hidden Singer 7)

Jessi was embarrassed by Poongja’s suggestion of doing a body-five.

On the broadcast of JTBC’s “Hidden Singer 7”, which aired on October 7th, Jessi had a competition with the impersonators.

“What Type of X”, which almost became the song of “Refund Sisters”, was decided as the mission song for the first round. Jessi explained, “I sing this song with confidence. I don’t imitate anyone, and I’ve never received training. If I had been trained, I would have done it better”.


Actress Sunwoo Yong-nyeo then said, “You did great. It’s the dance only Jessi can do and the song only Jessi can sing. Jessi is very cool because she made it a song of her own”, pouring out compliments that touched Jessi.

Jessi worriedly shared, “I think I can’t sing right now because I’m crying”. Jeon Hyun-moo then poured cold water on the emotional atmosphere by saying “I don’t see any tears”.


As Jessi kept saying whatever she wanted to say, Jeon Hyun-moo was confused for a while. At that time, Poongja jumped up from her seat and said, “I prepared a body-five that comes to my mind when I think of Jessi”.

While approaching Poongja, Jessi said “Wait. Yours are too big” then stepped back. Even after doing the body-five with Poongja, Jessi exclaimed, “Yours are so big”, drawing laughter. 


Source: Daum

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