BLACKPINK still conquers the street despite having no comeback

The 4 BLACKPINK girls have gained countless great achievements and are widely known not only in Korea but also internationally.

BLACKPINK is one of today’s top K-pop girl groups. The 4-member group has gained countless great achievements and is widely known not only in Korea but also internationally. In 2021, BLACKPINK focused on solo activities; however, their names remain well-liked.

jennie lisa
Lisa and Jennie are two famous, beautiful and talented members of BLACKPINK. (Photo: Pinterest)

Besides music, BLACKPINK has plenty of potentials in the fashion industry with individual and group commercials continuously on hand. Lisa is very active in this field. Cooperating with many big brands around the world, the image of BLACKPINK’s maknae is everywhere, from commercial centers to shops and busy streets.

Lisa’s huge advertising panel on the streets of Hong Kong. (Photo: Twitter LaliceUpdate)

Recently, netizens are excited to see Lisa’s campaign to promote Celine’s perfume appear in Hong Kong. With the noble title of a Global Ambassador, it is not surprising that the beauty of Thai is given such an extravagant concept. The billboards of Lisa appear in huge sizes in many places, making fans extremely delighted.

Lisa has always been praised for her doll-like beauty. Her poses radiate top-notch charisma even in a black and white picture. The picture capturing the ecstatic moment of BLACKPINK’s maknae catches the eyes of passers-by.

Lisa’s advertising panel is placed in a very visible place. (Photo: Twitter JC327LM)
The picture of BLACKPINK’s maknae appears on a street, standing out at night. (Photo: weibo: VIOLETVIOLENCE)

Jennie is also a familiar face on Korean streets, even though she doesn’t have any activities recently. The female idol’s birthday is approaching, which is why Korean fans have been putting her pictures in many places. These are very meaningful gifts that BLINK prepared for the special day of BLACKPINK’s main rapper.

Jennie’s beautiful picture at Hapjeong station. (Photo: fierjennie)

In addition, the Jenstans are also very wise to place the advertising panels at Hapjeong Station and in front of the YG building. These are not only crowded places but also very easy spots for Jennie to notice the panels herself. Fans hope that Jennie will gladly receive this wonderful gift from them.

The 1996 beauty appeared right in front of the YG building. (Photo: fierjennie)

This is definitely not the first time that Lisa and Jennie’s pictures appear in super huge sizes on the street but fans are still extremely proud. It can be seen that BLACKPINK, particularly Jennie and Lisa, have maintained their popularity well with the public even though their next comeback has not yet to be seen.

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