NCT’s Sungchan selected as SPAO’s brand model, “His clean image and trendy mood go well with SPAO’s fashion items”

NCT’s Sungchan becomes a model for clothing brand SPAO.

Eland’s SPA brand SPAO announced NCT member Sungchan as their new brand model on July 8th.

nct sung chan spao

Regarding the reason for their selection of new model, SPAO explained that the clean image that easily leaves a favorable impression on the public and trendy vibe representing the MZ Generation of NCT’s Sungchan go well with SPAO’s basic items and new fashion. 

Sungchan will begin to carry out his first activity as an ambassador for SPAO’s ‘Puffer Universe’ winter outerwear campaign starting from July 8th.

nct sung chan spao

An official of Eland’s SPAO said, “Sungchan excellently pulled off various concepts of SPAO outerwear with his superior body proportion. The ongoing showcase byMUSINSA offers a 30% discount on SPAO’s new outerwear.”

Source: daum

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