BLACKPINK Jennie is earning big bucks with her numerous billboards and CF deals

As an “IT girl” of Kpop’s 3rd generation, it comes as no surprise to see the huge amount of commercial deals and money BLACKPINK Jennie gets.

Years into her career, Jennie is taking home numerous commercial deals of luxury brands, and products promoted by Jennie are also quickly selling out. Therefore, it’s no exaggeration to call Jennie a “CF queen”, especially as billboards featuring the female idol is being spotted all around the world. 

Recently, a huge billboard of Jennie for Tamburins Perfume drew immense attention in Seoul Korea. This treatment proves how respected Jennie is by the brand, at the same time got netizens praising her for the outstanding visual feast. 

Previously, Calvin Klein also released still shots of Jennie for their new campaign, which include a giant billboard right in New York City. Even Jennie herself checked in with this billboard when she had the chance to visit, and fans also follow suit. 

In the past, Jennie also made a deep impression with other billboards in the West. On September 16th, 2022, she became the first Korean to be featured on Calvin Klein’s iconic New York sign as the brand’s global ambassador. 

With a variety of expensive commercial deals, Jennie is one of the highest-earners among female Kpop idols. Her repertoire of brands range from luxury designer houses like Chanel, cosmetics like Hera, to food like Air Baked. In addition, she’s also the ambassador for various well-known names. 

As the “CF queen”, Jennie earns a hefty sum every year. According to YouTuber KOOKIELIT in 2020, the BLACKPINK member’s annual wage can surpass 7.8 million USD.

Source: yan

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