“I kept wondering if it was possible”… Joo Won is back with “Carter”, his first movie after 7 years

Actor Joo Won expressed his feeling about making his first movie comeback in 7 years.

A press conference for Netflix’s film “Carter” was held at the Grand Ballroom of JW Marriott Dongdaemun, Jongno-gu, Seoul at 11 a.m on August 2nd. Actor Joo Won and director Jung Byung-gil attended the event and talked about their work.

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“Carter” is a real-time action film in which Carter, who is put into a mysterious operation, must regain his identity and succeed in his mission within a given time. This Netflix work was created by director Jung Byung-gil, who received favorable reviews from global movie fans for “The Villainess”. In this film, Joo Won plays the main character Carter, an ace agent who lost all his memory.

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Regarding his first return to movie acting after 7 years, Joo Won shared, “I wondered if I’ve been waiting for this work. It’s been such a long time since my last movie so I thought I should do this work”. He added, “While reading the scenario, I kept thinking ‘Is it possible?’ so I wanted to try it. I believed that it would be a great movie for my filmography if I performed well, so I decided to take the challenge. I was really greedy with this work”, revealing the reason for his appearance.

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Joo Won said that he bulked up 7kg and even shaved his head to portray Carter more perfectly. The actor said, “There were scenes where I have to reveal my body. It would be the viewers’ first impression of Carter so I tried to build my body as much as possible. This is the shortest hairstyle I’ve ever had. I made lots of changes, such as my voice, or the surgery marks on the back of my head, to look like Carter in all parts”, adding “I literally became Carter. It was a little difficult for me to return as Joo Won after the filming”.

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“Carter” will be released on Netflix on August 5th.

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