Surpassed “Street Dance Girls Fighter”, “Yoo Quiz”, “My Teenage Girl”, this show got 1st place for 5 consecutive weeks

Mnet’s entertainment show “Show Me the Money 10” has topped the list of non-drama TV topics for five consecutive weeks.

Mnet's "Show Me the Money 10".
Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 10”.

Good Data Corporation, a hot topic research institute, recently announced the “Top 10 non-drama TV hot topics in the first week of December” on Dec 7th.

Mnet's "Street Dance Girls Fighter".
Mnet’s “Street Dance Girls Fighter”.

According to the chart, “Show Me the Money 10” topped Mnet’s “Street Dance Girls Fighter” which is in #2,  while “My Teenage Girl” is in third place, MBC’s “Yoo Quiz” in fourth place, and MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo” in fifth place.

MBC's "My Teenage Girl".
MBC’s “My Teenage Girl”.

Show Me the Money 10” boasted an 18.44% market share. This is an overwhelming difference compared to “Street Dance Girls Fighter” (6.95% market share) and “My Teenage Girl” (3.58% market share), which ranked second and third, respectively.

 Good Data Corporation

In terms of the popularity of the cast, rapper Jo Kwang-il, who won “Show Me the Money 10,” topped the list. He is then followed by Be’O (Show Me the Money 10), Since (Show Me the Money 10), Noze (Radio Star), Lee Da-eun (Dolsingles 2), Yoon Nam-ki (Dolsingles 2), Koonta (Show Me the Money 10), Key (I Live Alone), Gaeko (Show Me the Money 10), and Min Hee-jin (Yoo Quiz).

Mnet's "Show Me the Money 10".

Show Me the Money 10”, which topped the list, marks its 10th season as an Mnet’s hip-hop survival program. The last episode, which aired on the 3rd, had a successful ending by breaking its own highest ratings with 1.9%.

 Good Data Corporation


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