BIGBANG T.O.P spotted in the US, reportedly preparing for his first solo album since departure from YG

BIGBANG member T.O.P were detected filming with a dozen of staff, a solo comeback may be underway. 

BIGBANG T.O.P, who previously left YG Entertainment and came back with BIGBANG to release the single “Still life”, was spotted in Manhattan, New York, USA while filming solo contents with a dozen of staff. This is the first time T.O.P’s activities were specifically confirmed by an external party.


Combining the photos obtained by news site “The Fact” on June 7th and tips from business insiders, T.O.P has reportedly been filming completely new contents. Due to strict security, it was difficult to know the exact kind of content, but local staff disclosed that it was an experimental work which harmonized film, music and art. 

Regarding this, a representative on T.O.P’s side said: “It is difficult to release the content at this time, but it is a work that is being prepared as part of a big comeback project with global partners. Also, it will contain the image of a singer and actor Choi Seung Hyun (real name of T.O.P as a human being).”

This is the first time T.O.P’s solo moves has been captured

T.O.P, who suddenly departed from YG Entertainment in April, has been veiled in all his activities, but it has been confirmed that he is hastening to make a comeback on his own as the content production site in New York, USA, has been exposed. In addition, T.O.P is preparing for a solo singer comeback with the music he has been working on for several years, and is also engaged in various content production activities.

It is known that T.O.P is rushing to work to reach the fans who have been waiting for a long time as soon as possible. In the music industry, people are looking forward to what kind of performance T.O.P, who has shown a strong presence through two solo activities in 2010 and 2013, will perform as a singer along with Big Bang activities.

TOP is filming in Manhattan, the heart of New York, USA as part of a big comeback project with global partners.
The comeback will contain the image of a singer and actor Choi Seung Hyun as a human being

Earlier, on April 5th, T.O.P announced that his contract with YG Entertainment would be terminated after the new song BIGBANG’s comeback with “Still Life” for the first time in four years. On the day BIGBANG’s new song was released, he said, “I am grateful to everyone for the past 16 years. I think that I have entered an important and new turning point in my life. I hope that I can come back with new inspiration in the near future. I am very grateful to the fans.”

Afterwards, he published a photo with a wine label along with the hashtag ‘#Ourwine’ through his Instagram, announcing the collaboration with French winemaker Thunevin and Japanese sculptor. Kohei Nawa. Also in May, Japanese businessman Yusaku Maezawa published a photo of himself with T.O.P on his social media account.

As a solo artist, this is the first time T.O.P’s schedule has been detected. Anticipation for TOP’s solo activities is expected to rise after this series of photos.

TOP is producing experimental content in preparation for his comeback as a solo singer

T.O.P made his debut as a member of BIGBANG in 2006, and has made his named known through hits such as ‘Lies’, ‘Last Farewell’, ‘Haru Haru’, ‘Red Sunset’, ‘FANTASTIC BABY’, ‘LOSER’, ‘Bang Bang Bang’, and more. BIGBANG held Japanese dome tours for five consecutive years from 2013, and is among the first idols to gain worldwide popularity from Asia to Europe.

In addition, with the new song “Still Life”, which is BIGBANG’s first product in 4 years, has been ranked number 1 for 35 days on the music streaming platform Melon, which has the largest number of users in Korea, and still remains in the top 5 after two months of release. These prove BIGBANG as a historical group, who is still madly popular 16 years since their debut.

T.O.P PRESTIGE magazine

As the lead rapper in the team, TOP added color to each song with a strong rap verse and was loved for his explosive stage performance. He is also a well-received actor through appearances in K-drama ‘Iris’, the movie ’71: Into the Fire’, 19, and ‘Tazza – The Hidden Card. He also won Best New Actor at the prestigious Blue Dragon Film Awards and Baeksang Arts Awards, and is deeply interested in art and a well-known art collector.

T.O.P, who has shown his talents in various fields, is expected to return as a solo artist in the near future, to the high anticipation of fans. 

Source: Nate

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