Rumored girlfriends of BTS Jungkook: from married tattoo artist to former CUBE trainee 

The below names are BTS Jungkook’s most well-known rumored girlfriends. 

As a handsome, talented, and witty idol, BTS Jungkook has been embroiled in a lot of dating rumors. While some of them were refuted, others had some ounce of potential to it. These are five women who have been embroiled in dating rumors with Jungkook. 

On the morning of September 30, a video allegedly showing Jungkook intimately embracing a girl in his apartment was spread across social networks. Netizens have keenly noticed that the guy in the video has the same hairstyle as Jungkook, and the doorbell, switch, and sofa details are similar to the male idol’s apartment in Brunnen Cheongdam, Seoul. The Dobermann dog wagging its tail in the video is also suspected to be Jeon Bam, Jungkook’s pet dog. BTS’s agency, HYBE, has not yet commented on this video.


As the video is going viral online, netizens have “dug up” the love history of BTS’s golden maknae. Throughout his career, the handsome idol has been entangled in many dating rumors, but below are the most famous and most widely spread.

The mysterious girl on Jeju Island 

Earlier this year, a post on Pann took over the Internet when it stated that Jungkook was dating a girl from Jeju. 

BTS Jungkook
A photo of Jungjook sitting beside a girl in a restaurant 

The poster affirmed that BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V also went on a date at the exact location approximately one year ago. The photo showed Jungkook sitting beside a girl. The shot was taken from behind so the girl’s face was not revealed. The poster also added a noteworthy post, saying Jungkook found love. 

However, the rumors were soon debunked. Fans affirmed that the photo was taken when Jungkook went to a restaurant with his friends, and the girl in question was a staff member

Lee Yu Bi 

In a YouTube upload in 2022 by former reporter Lee Jin Ho, he said that, through an acquaintance of Lee Yu Bi and Jungkook, they knew for sure they dated in 2021. 

Lee Jin Ho pointed out that Jungkook had an e-commerce account registered using his ID. In the purchase history, there was a review for the Chanel Silver Jang – a bag that Lee Yu Bi once showed off on social media. 

Jungkook Lee Yu-bi

Lee Jin Ho also revealed the couple was seen going on a date on Jeju Island in November 2021. 

A married tattoo artist 

In 20219, a photo of a security camera’s image showed Jungkook hugging a girl from behind. 

The woman in question is Lee Mi Joo, a tattoo artist. Netizens continued spreading a front profile image of the tattooist when she went out for a quick meal with Jungkook before going to the tattoo shop. 

Lee Mi Joo was said to be married; however, when ARMYs DM’ed one of Mi Joo’s friends, that person revealed Lee Mi Joo had a boyfriend, but she was not married. They added that Jungkook and Mi Joo were simply friends.

A classmate named Park Se Won 

Jungkook also got embroiled in a dating rumor with a classmate named Park Se Won before his debut. A photo also showed them kissing. Park Se Won was active on social media and frequently shared moments with Jungkook. She also hinted at him being an idol trainee in her posts and said that he could not spend much time with her because he was busy. 

Jungkook also admitted he dated a girl on “American Hustle Life.” He said, “​​This was when I was young, and it was like I was in a relationship but not really in a relationship. When we’re young, we would go out with each other as a joke and stuff. If we look at elementary school kids. We would just say ‘Let’s go out’ and like, I don’t really like meeting up and stuff. I don’t really like going out either.” 

A trainee inch away from being a (G)I-DLE member 

In 2017, DC Inside was buzzing with the image of a girl supposedly Jung Kook’s ex-girlfriend.  She is Go So Hyun, a 1997-born trainee at CUBE. She was in CLC’s initial formation and had the chance to debut with (G)I-DLE. However, she left before that could happen due to health reasons. 

bts jungkook girlfriend
Go So Hyun (third person from the right) in CLC’s pre-debut formation 

There are rumors 2 years before that Jungkook and Go So Hyun dated when they studied at the School of Performing Arts. Several photos netizens found further added to the speculation. 

Source: k14 

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