“With actress A?” The truth behind BTS Jungkook’s Jeju date witness photo

BTS Jungkook was embroiled in a dating rumor due to a witness photo taken in Jeju. However, this suspicion has been proven to be false.

Netizens on Twitter brought back the photo of when Jungkook was spotted at a BBQ restaurant in Jeju on November 8th, 2022 and raised suspicions of Jungkook going on a date with his girlfriend.

In the released photo, Jungkook was wearing a bucket hat and sitting in a BBQ restaurant in Jeju. There was a woman sitting next to him.

BTS Jungkook

In fact, at that time, Jungkook recognized that fans were filming and taking photos of him at the restaurant so he turned around and waved to them. However, netizens twisted the story and turned the photo into dating witness proof.

Not stopping there, many Internet users recently spread suspicions again by pointing out that actress A, who was once embroiled in a dating rumor with Jungkook, used to stay in Jeju.

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Fans reacted, “There’s a video of Jungkook waving to fans at the BBQ restaurant”, “No one could confirm whether the person sitting next to him was a woman or a man”, “Jungkook has come to that BBQ restaurant many times since last year”, “Fans all know that he often went to that BBQ restaurant, but it was suddenly turned into a romance rumor”, “Ridiculous rumors”, etc.

Source: wikitree

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