Brave Girls Yu-jeong on “Love Recall”, “I met my first love when I was 19 and dated for 5 years. He’s married now”

Brave Girls member Yu-jeong talked about her first love.

The 7th episode of KBS 2TV’s program “Love Recall”, which is scheduled to air on August 22nd, will reveal the story of a woman who recalls the breakup with her first love. Brave Girls Yu-jeong will appear as a one-day recall planner on this broadcast and tells her story sincerely.

Sung Yu-ri asks the recall planners, “What do you remember about your first love?”. In response, the recall planners explain their own definition of first love and each of them talks about their first love in different ways.

In this process, Yu-jeong recalls memories of her first love. She says, “I think I’m still curious about my first love. That’s the person who makes me think ‘It would have been better if I did well’”. Yu-jeong met her first love when she was 19 and they dated until she was 24.

Yu-jeong honestly shares, “We broke up then met again. But he’s already married now. I think love is all about timing. If met him at this moment, he would get married without having to look back on the past.” 

In addition, Sung Yu-ri wonders, “Is it true that men can’t forget their first love?”. Yang Se-hyung says, “It’s not that they can’t forget, but they can remember everything when talking about memories of their first love”, adding “I also heard that my first love already got married”.

Source: daum

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